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We BNH Gas Tanks are one of the top manufacturer and exporter made in India for IMO 5 tank, IMO Tank containers, gas tanks, liquid storage tanks and special tank containers, LPG tank container, Cement tank container, STORAGE tank container, FUEL tank container, GAS tank container, ISO tank container etc.  All tanks are built and designed to the highest quality, and strictly with the latest international approvals and standards. Weare ISO 9001 company certified by to international standards such as ASME, AD MERKBALTTER, PD 5500, CODAP 2000 and others. We have great confidence and ambition to become one of the top manufacturers in ISO tank containers in the world.

IMO type 5 tank means a portable tank fitted with pressure-relief devices which is used for non-refrigerated gases of class 2. We have Liquid tanks, Gas tanks and Storage tanks in different sizes. Also we can modify the tanks to your wishes. We provide IMO 5 and IMO 7 tanks with certificates or in storage condition. We also assist in the transportation, mediation and customs clearance to CIS countries. Offering one way transports will help reducing your costs to final destination. Long-term leasing is an additional option through our extensive network of experts in the tank container industry.

IMO 5 Tank is commonly used to Transporting non-refrigerated liquefied gas such as refrigerant gas, butane and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). Tank containers for pressurized liquefied gases usually have a mildsteel pressure vessel shell. A few specialized tank containers for these gases may have a stainlesssteel shell.IMO 5 Tanks are design for carriage of gases, liquefied under pressure, specific operating instructions apply to tanks.

In manufacturing products that enhance customer expectations by

  • Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Cost
  • Providing Effective and prompt service to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • In continually upgrading our quality, communication and the skill sets to meet customer requirements efficiently.

These tanks containers also referred to as IMO or ISO tank containers are suitable for the safe storage and transport of both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid and gas commodities.
IMO 5 high-pressure tank. Available lined and insulated for refrigerated and some corrosive substances. Especially suitable for LPG/LNG transport and on-site fueling and storage storage operations.

Technical specification :

  • Capacity : 50m3
  • Max Working Pressure : 21.6 bar
  • Working temperature : -20 ~ 50 degree C
  • Design pressure : 1.77 Mpa
  • Design temperature : 50 degree C

We provides a two types of ISO tank

  • IMO 5 Tank
  • IMO 7 Tank


The following fittings are safe and functional. These fittings may be on the top, the end or the bottom.

Loading / Unloading Valves— Liquid and vapor valves are used for filling and emptying the tank. The liquid valve extends into the lading by means of an educator pipe that may also be fitted with an excess flow check valve. Vapor valves, which also may have an excess flow check valve, are used to remove vapors from the tank, or to pressurize the tank for unloading.
All tank outlets must be marked to designate vapor or liquid discharge potential when the tank is filled to the maximum level permitted. They may be either threaded or flanged valves.
Gauging Devices— Gauging devices may be installed to measure how much liquid is in the tank. Various types are found, including the rotary gauge, and open and closed gauging devices as found on some propane railroad tank cars.
Thermometer Wells—The thermometer well is used for measuring the lading temperature..
Pressure Relief Devices— Pressure relief devices are mounted on top of the container to protect the tank from over-pressure under abnormal conditions, such over-pressure.
Excess Flow Valves— Excess flow valves will stop the product flow if a valve is clipped off. Excess flow valves may be found on both liquid and vapor piping.

Tank containers built for liquids may:

  • Stainless steel or mild steel pressure vessel shell;
  • Insulated or un-insulated
  • heating or cooling equipment;
  •  a protective coating with lined

IMO divides liquefied gases into the following groups:

  • LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas
  • LEG - Liquefied Ethylene Gas
  • Chemical gases
  • Ammonia - NH3
  • Chlorine - Cl2


  • Flexible pipeline handling
  • Optimum safety and stout package
  • Storage Immediate, low cost and secure.
  • Cost effectiveness



IMO 5 Tank, Manufacturer And Exporter From India At Cheap Cost

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